Eyelash extensions are low maintenance, look gorgeous and are very natural.

                                                                                                               EYELASHES EXTENSION




 EYELASH REMOVAL / 15 min / £15

Semi-permanent Eyelash extensions lengthen, thicken and enhance your own natural eyelashes. Perfect Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic or silk eyelashes that come in different lengths, thicknesses and curl to suit the look you are after. Whether you are looking for a natural look or maybe something more dramatic we can transform your look, the choice is yours.

How long is the process & how is it done?

Eyelash extensions take between 1-2 hours due to the intricacy of the application, during this time I will discuss with you what look you are after, I will then recommend what I consider to be the best length/thickness/colour combo to suit your needs. You will relax on a massage table while benefiting from a re hydrating eye mask, this is applied at the start of your treatment ensuring your bottom lashes are within the mask. Lashes are then carefully placed individually one by one to the root of your natural eyelash with a special bonding agent.

Is the treatment painful?

No, it is considered one of the most relaxing beauty treatments available today. The procedure is so relaxing and comfortable that many clients fall asleep.

How long will they last for?

When applied and cared for properly, eyelash extensions will last indefinitely with in-fills. Because the extension is attached to the natural hair and not the skin, there is no opportunity for damage to the natural lash growth cycle or lashes. The length of the lashes, natural eyelash life cycle and lifestyle can affect lifespan, which just means more regular in-fills are required to keep them looking full and fabulous. Like your nails and the hair on your head, your individual lashes eyelashes grow out on a continuous cycle of replenishment.

How often should I get an in-fill?

Infill can be done every 2 to 4 weeks but you can decide when is convenient for you, as long as you have at least 50% of your existing eyelash set to qualify for an in-fill. Infills include a lash clean, lash preparation and new extensions within 40-60 minutes.

Can I shower, swim and exercise wearing Eyelash Extensions?

After 24 hours your eyelash extensions are waterproof, however please avoid direct contact with the jets of the shower on the lashes and wear goggles when swimming underwater.

Can I apply mascara to Eyelash Extensions?

It would not be necessary as the lashes will enhance your eyes more than mascara ever could. There is also a risk that the mascara you use could shorten the life of your lashes. If you must use mascara make sure it is water based (never use oil or water proof mascara as it will damage the glue used to bond the lashes). This also goes for makeup remover; make sure it is always water based.

How do I take care of my new Eyelash Extensions?

-Do not get lashes wet for 24 hours
-Avoid hot steam or sauna
-Avoid running water directly on your lashes
-Do not rub your eyes
-Use water based eye makeup remover
-Do not use an eyelash curler on your extensions
-Do not rub or pull your lashes (this may cause your natural lashes to come out prematurely)
-Avoid sleeping on your face/eyelashes
-Water based mascara can be applied to the tips only (available on request)

Do I need a PATCH TEST before Lash Extensions?

Yes, you will need a patch test if f you’ve not had lash extensions before and also if you haven’t done them for a few month.
We recommend patch testing every client 24-48 hours prior to lash appointment by applying a few lashes to each eye.
To be honest, we actually recommend it even when you go to a new place to get your lashes done.

Why is it necessary?

You might get allergic reaction to the products used by the lash technician during the lash application.

They also have different techniques so to be very sure you won’t get a allergic reaction.


  • The individual responses to products/ingredients of semi-permanent eyelash extensions used may differ from person to person. Adhesive tapes, glue and under-eye gel pads used during the application may cause an allergic reaction in some clients. If you experience any discomfort during the procedure, you will need to advise me immediately.
  • Contact lenses should be removed prior to treatment
  • If you are pregnant or expecting, the application of eyelash extensions cannot be done.
  • Although all treatment products and instruments are handled with greatest care and diligence and every effort is made to provide a hygienic service, it is still possible that some clients may experience eye irritation and this might lead to infection. If after the appointment you feel any burning, itching or discomfort to eyes or eyelids, or observe any swelling of the eyelids, please contact me immediately. It is your responsibility to seek medical help at your own expense.
  • Clients will be given precise aftercare instructions at the end of the service visit and following these instructions will ensure the best, most durable results.
  • Clients should not get their eyelash extensions wet within the first 48 hours of application and consider that the use of mascara or any other eye make-up can shorten the length of time their eyelash extensions remain in place.
  • Clients that have Volume lashes should not wear any mascara as this will close the lash fans
  • Please come to your lash appointment with clean eyelashes. Removal of makeup will take out of your appointment time. The extra time could be spent on perfecting your results!
  • Clients are also advised never to use waterproof mascara/eyeliner on or near their eyelash extensions. Clients should consider that, even with strict adherence to these care instructions, I am unable to guarantee exactly how long their eyelash extensions will last and that there are many variables, such as individual hair growth cycle, use of cosmetic skin care products and overall care given after application, that can influence the longevity of their eyelash extensions.
  • Clients should not rub their eyes or pull at the eyelash extensions, which can result in breakage, lash loss, and/or damage to the natural eyelashes. If clients wish to keep their eyelash extensions looking their best, regular maintenance/infill appointments, to replace eyelashes that fall out due to wear and tear or their normal life cycle, will be necessary.
  • An infill ONLY counts if you return within 3 weeks and have at least half your lashes remaining, anything less than half will be charged at the rate of a full-set. Please also note that I do NOT infill work other than my own. If you are currently wearing eyelashes that are not my work please book in for a REMOVAL FIRST.
  • NO REFUNDS are given for eyelash extension services and if a client decides to have their eyelash extensions removed; a removal fee of £15 will apply.
  • If you deliberately violate any of the terms and conditions, including aftercare suggestions, I will be excluded from liability and have the right to cancel any complimentary treatments in the future.