Foot Solutions

Most foot condition can be treated. Our service is completely bespoke and will deliver the treatment tailored to your personal needs. You should never feel embarrassed about your feet or be put off from wearing peep-toes or sandals again.Visit us for all Foot Solutions treatment and wide range of products to keep your feet happy all season. Our Foot Solutions centres at Bromley,Kingston,Worcester Park and Earlsfied are designed and equipped with modern Technology and experienced foot specialists.


Athletes foot | Calluses | Corns | Diabetic condition | Fungal infection | In-growing toenail | Skin conditions (dry, cracked skin, blisters, sweaty skin) | Verrucae Nail correction (misshapen, discoloured.) LCN flexible gel | Initial assessment | Routine appointment | Verruca treatment |
LCN nail correction                                          

Lcn Wilde-pedicure is an exceptional quality UV gel designed specifically for toenail correction,misshapen, damaged or even missing toe nails. It is a great way of ensuring beautiful feet,regardless of the condition of your nails.


VERRUCAE | from  £15.00

INITIAL ASSESSMENT | 40 min £40.00

ROUTINE APPOINTMENT | 30 min. £35.00

FUNGAL NAIL I From £15.00

Luxuriant foot hard skin & cracked heels reconditioning Treatment             45 min  £75.00

This skin-deep luxuriant foot hard skin and cracked heels reconditioning treatment includes a combination of hard skin removal, cracked heels treatment,warm Paraffin wax and foot massage.A unique combination of foot treatment method and ingredients will repair your foot skin into best shape deeply restoring vitality and elasticity. All the pampering effort will be on reconditioning your foot hard and cracked heels and restore it into best possible condition.For other foot conditions such as verrucae a course of treatment may be required and advise will be given.

Foot Scanning Technology

We now have digital foot scanning technology incorporating state of art digital foot scanner and pressure sensors. This digital technology accurately determines your arch type, pressure point and match insoles type for your feet.

Understanding your arch type is important to help you achieve total foot comfort and avoid unnecessary foot pain. 

Visit our branch at Kingston,Bromley and Earlsfield 

You can now

1. Scan your feet

2.  Identify your arch type

3.  Identify your feet pressure points

4.  Scanner will be able to match and  recommend insoles type you need for your feet according to your foot profile.

Extra Comfort insoles

1. Customised I semi customised

2. Comfort

3. Shock absorbing

4. Ideal support for daily use 

5. Relief pain in foot and back area

6. Help to divide body strain equally

7, Fit most shoes types

Assessment Fees

Consultation I Free

Biomechanical  assessment I £59.00

Types of Insoles

1.Semi Customised insoles(General use LF) per pair I £73.00

2.Semi Customised Insoles (General use CF) per pair I £78.00

3.Customised sports Insoles per pair £83.00

4.Customised Diabetics foot I Hyper Sensitive Arthritic Foot insoles per pair £91.00

Recommended to protect and comfort the diabetic foot and the hyper sensitive arthritic foot. These tri-density orthotics are constructed with a Plastazote® top cover that customises to the foot during the gait cycle and accommodates pressure “hot spots” for maximum protection. Orthotics feature a molded Pedic™ core and a Plastazote X-Firm bottom for superior resilience and shock absorption. Orthotics can be easily customised for maximum protection and comfort.

For customised sports insoles & Diabetic Foot insoles 14 days required to collect insoles after foot scanning.  

Starts feeling great in your feet by visiting Pedicure Plus 

Foot problems

What Can Orthotics Do For you?

There are many different types of effective foot orthotics. Some are custom made while others are over-the-counter and designed for specific foot types and symptoms. Depending on your particular needs, your foot professional may recommend orthotics for your feet.

The goals of orthotics are to make your feet feel comfortable in your shoes at all times, while preventing foot pain and providing proper body alignment. With the right orthotic style, you'll benefit from shock absorption, arch support, cushioning and pressure redistribution.

In combination with proper footwear, orthotics can help you achieve maximum foot comfort and prevent unnecessary injuries to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Foot Health & Wellness

Common Foot Conditions:

Plantar Fasciitis:

Definition:Inflammation of fibrous tissue along bottom of foot 

Causes: Over-pronation (flat feet), high arch feet, sudden increase in physical activity, excessive weight gain, flipflops 

Symptoms: Heel pain, heel spurs, arch pain first thing in the morning or after a period of prolonged rest 

Treatment & Prevention: Orthotics with arch support & rearfoot posting, footwear with proper cushioning and shock absorption, stretching, night splints


Definition: A prominent bump on the inside of the foot around the big toe joint 

Causes: Usually from wearing tight & narrow footwear with a constrictive toe box 

Symptoms: Inflammation, swelling and soreness on the side surface of the big toe 

Treatment & Prevention: Footwear with wide toe boxes, and stretch fabrics, orthotics, bunion shields, bunion night splints.

Metatarsalgia ( Ball of Foot Pain)

Definition: Inflammation or pain at the bones and joints at the ball-of-foot 

Causes: Thinning out of the fat pad, improper fitting footwear such as shoes with narrow toe boxes, high heels, excessive pressure 

Symptoms: Pain in the region of the foot before the toes 

Treatment & Prevention: Orthotics with metatarsal pads, proper fitting footwear with high, wide toe boxes, shoes with rocker bottoms

Heel Pain Syndrome:

Definition: Extreme heel discomfort 

Causes:Plantar Fasciitis or over-use repetitive stress

Symptoms: Pain underneath the heel or just behind it, where the tendon attaches to the heel bone 

Treatment & Prevention: Heel cups or cradles, orthotics with arch support, shock absorption, cushioning, footwear with elevated heels